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Welcome to the tutorials page…since I am pretty well computer illiterate, It may take me a bit before anything makes it on here, ’cause I have to learn how to do it before I can show you how…
There will be things here such as U-Tube videos on “How To”  on all sorts of stuff…like  Domain Buying, how to get it hooked up for hosting, and then setting it up to work.
Again…this will all be coming in the near future…as soon as I know how to…You will know how I did it!….thanks …Glenn.


Ok, today is February the first, 2016, and I am finally going to go ahead and start building a  “Members Only”  page, that will be up and running within two to three weeks.
What this page will be about is,  I am going to PERSONALLY buy a couple of these Online Business programs, give them a try, and then do a review on whether they have any  “Real”  value as a business, or if it is just another  useless  program that does  absolutely nothing.  This way, I will be the one spending the money to try the “programs” out, and all of you can see what, and how I do, before you decide if you are willing to buy in or not.  I’m the one taking the risk, and, hopefully, We All reap the benefits…Sound good?
What I would like right now, is a bit of feedback as to whether you would be interested in joining my page, and following my progress, and once I have found two or three that ACTUALLY work to make some money, then you might actually take my recommendations and become involved with whichever one you feel fits your Idea of what kind of business you want to do.
Once my members only (premium)  page is built, it will have VERY DETAILED instructions on how to set things up, and make them work for you, and by very detailed, I mean, absolutely every move that needs to be made will be explained in very easy to understand language..unlike so many of these programs I see, where “They” seem pretty confident that their subscribers have done enough of this type of business in the past that they can blast thru the lesson, using terms and explanations that people, like myself, just don’t understand yet.
In other words, I will be explaining things as if you have LITERALLY just turned  your computer on for the first time, and don’t even know how to write and send an e-mail yet.

I have NO INTENTION of touting what I will be doing as “How to make a million a month online”, or other such hyped up nonsense, but what I am trying to do, is spend a few months or so building up a business that will enable me to make something in the area of an extra  $2,500 to $3,000  per month.

If we, and I do mean WE, as in, Myself, and those of you that are following along, get lucky,  and find a program that ACTUALLY  DOES  have the potential to make us, as “they” say…rich as heck…well all the better, but again, I am really just trying to realistically  make that extra couple thousand  a month.

If this sounds good to you, write something in the comment section below that makes “SPECIFIC” reference to this post, and that you would be interested in being a subscriber.
All of my posts are Moderated, so they WILL NOT appear here until I approve them. This way, I can weed out the spam and the “Bots” from the really interested people.
Thanks for reading, and looking forward to hearing from you!

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