The No. 1 Deadly Mistake B2B Marketers Make

B2C marketing targets individuals; B2B targets companies… Right?

 Wrong! The deadliest, most costly mistake we see marketers making is trying to talk to an entire company, not one specific individual. When you forget that a single person is reading your message, you lose a prospect!

B2B emails must have emotional impact to be effective. Sure, you need to provide accurate, timely, and valuable information. But when you inject a little fun and creativity into communications, you make a personal connection with the individual at the other end of your articles, blogs, and emails. A little personality makes people enjoy reading your materials and look forward to their arrival in the inbox.

Use these easy ways to make B2B communications more personal:

The No. 1 Deadly Mistake B2B Marketers Make

1. Use case studies – Everybody loves a story, and a case study provides a narrative that depicts your company as the hero of the story. Be sure to include specific examples and include first and last names and company names if possible.

2. Incorporate testimonials – Word-of-mouth marketing is the No 1 influence on B2B purchasers, so let your satisfied clients spread the word for you.

3. Walk in your readers’ shoes – Spend time thinking about what your readers are experiencing. What pain in their job makes them reach out for help? Show that you know exactly what they’re going through – that you’ve “been there, done that.” (But don’t use clichés!)

4. Talk to one person at a time – A rule of thumb in radio broadcasting is to imagine that you’re talking to just one person, rather than visualizing the multitudes of people in your listening area. This lets you be more relaxed, more conversational, and more accessible. Write your blogs and articles in the same way – engage in a one-on-one conversation.

5. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself – This is different from talking endlessly about your company and its awesome solutions. Let potential clients get to know you and your team. People love to see who they’re doing business with, so be sure to include pictures and bios of your co-workers. Sharing some personal details makes you more human, more attractive.

6. Respond to feedback – When readers leave comments on your blog or write emails, respond! Let them know you’re available and paying attention.

Better communications means better business. When your B2B communications show expertise and personal interest in readers’ challenges, your potential clients will know that you are invested in establishing a relationship with them.

Don’t lose another prospect to boring, impersonal B2B email communications!

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