Mining Season Preparations

          Getting Ready For a Real Full Off-Grid Gold Mining Season This Coming Year

I have decided, that this coming year, 2020/2021, is the year that I am going to put a very serious Mining  season in, so as to find out just how much Gold I can take out in a season!  So, in preparation, starting this week…November 8 onward, I am going to be starting to get my equipment serviced/built, start Dehydrating, vacuum packing, and canning my way into a large pantry of Soups, Stews, Fruits, and Meats…Enough to last me from May to end of October, and if the season is going well, maybe longer. 

Since I am new to all this preserving too…{full on rookie, actually}  you will be watching me, as I learn how to put all these provisions up, so it might be worth a watch!

Please!  If there is something specific you would like to see me prepare…ask away, and I will try my darnedest to at least find out proper information on it, and quite possibly actually process it here….with video links to you tube. 

Here’s hoping that this page builds with as much excitement, and education as I believe it will!

DON’T FORGET!   If you read my [About Me ] page, I also mentioned, I would be interested in 6 or 8 like-minded people who would like to try a spring to winter solstice OFF-GRID, small scale Placer Gold Mine, with its’ own garden, chickens, and maybe even a goat, leave me a message on how to get hold of you to discuss further!                                     

                                                                             IT IS TIME!


Feb. 16..2020

It is time

I am very seriously looking for the following people;

shepherd..(sheep or goat, I suppose)


gardener…possibly combined with chicken raising.

small– scale, placer prospectors.…hand panning, small 1 1/2 inch pump through small hi-banker!  Pick and shovel kinda work.

I am planning my first trip to the claim (26 kilometers north of Lytton, B.C., Canada), this (Canadian) Victoria day weekend… May 19/20/21…2020, to get set up for my year.

if there are any people out there that fit the above criteria, who are looking to get involved in an off-grid, organic garden, small scale placer mine/hobby farm COMMUNITY  kind of thing, PLEASE…get hold of me, and we can discuss the details.

I know, with the right few people, this could actually work!…. not sure what I mean??    Please, contact me for details, and find out if this might be what you are looking for!!

As a refresher, I have the mineral rights on 152 acres of the Fraser River, in B.C, Canada, and would be happy as hell to put a small community together, interested in an off-grid, healthy way of living.

If this first season attempt works out, I have intentions of turning the property into a tourist attraction…“The Fraser River Gold Rush Experience”. and will be set up in the era of 1864, so all would kind of be “actors” in the situation, I suppose, but if it gets to this phase, believe me….the compensation would be reflective of the draw!!

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