Making money online secret?!?! PATIENCE!!

I received this post in an E-mail from a fellow named Brian Rooney…and I believe it is one of the most important things to remember if you are actually, honestly, trying to finally succeed in earning money online. I decided to re-print it here…hope you enjoy it, and remember…no-one really fails on the internet marketing scene…they either succeed, or quit…that is it!!  (The reference to Bob Seger is mine)

The Role of Patience in Network Marketing

Nov 05 2012 

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among folks that call themselves “network marketers”. Somewhere along the line, people are starting to get the expectation that network marketing, whether done online or offline, is a matter of opening an account with some flashy program, and then just waiting for the money to come rolling in hand over fist. These are the same people that bounce from one program to another, trying this one, trying that one, and never sticking with any of them long enough to actually learn how to succeed.

They read an article or see a video of someone that seems to be experiencing quick success and think, “I’ll be rich in 30 days! All I have to do is sign up with this ‘guru’!”.

Then, when the riches don’t sweep them out of their living room in 30 to 90 days, they are off looking for another “program”. They blame the company. They blame the compensation plan. They blame their upline. But no matter what company they join, their results are always the same. It’s time to realize that if you have joined opportunity after opportunity and you haven’t succeeded with any of them, the common denominator is YOU!

Listen, there are people out there that are able to generate an income very quickly in network marketing. Companies love to share those stories with us. They’re exciting and they intentionally get us all pumped up.

What you may not be considering is the rest of the story. That person that is now a multimillionaire may have been bankrupt a few years ago. These same people have usually spent a lot of years building a solid reputation, generating their marketing lists, developing their skill sets, working on their own personal development, and establishing their credibility. What you see, now, is that they are able to quickly tap in to a large network that they have probably built over the past several years.

It may have taken them 10 years or more to get to the point that they now seem like an overnight success story.

Being a musician, I follow music and musicians regularily, and I remember an interview once with Bob Seger, just after he FINALLY  “Made it”   he said…”I finally became an overnight success…it just took me ten years to do it”

The problem that I’m seeing comes in to play when a complete rookie signs up for a network marketing company and then thinks they are going to be able to, all-of-a-sudden, start generating wads of cash overnight. They typically have no marketing experience, no list, no credibility, no successful track record and they seem really confused when their bank doesn’t call them to ask what to do with the hundreds of thousands of new dollars that just  magically appeared in their bank account.

It’s Time To Wake Up!

Success in network marketing comes down to following a few proven success principles consistently over time.

If you are new to the industry …
If you have never made more than $20,000 – $30,000 a year …
If you have never generated more than a few hundred dollars per month in any business opportunity …

Making money online secret?!?!  PATIENCE!!

You need to understand that there is going to be some time involved before you should expect to see a ton of money coming in. You’ve got some new things to learn. And that’s OK! The right upline can teach you a proven system to help you reduce the time required to learn but you are absolutely going to have to learn some new things if you want new results in your life!

No matter which company you join (provided you have joined a LEGITIMATE company), you are going to need to learn and implement the skills, tools, and techniques being used by the successful people in the industry.

Success can be influenced by things like timing, the right opportunity, a great product, etc…

Ultimately, your success will always come down to YOU making a solid and consistent commitment to take the right actions in the right ways over time.

I have seen people sign up for a network marketing opportunity, give it a month or two and then just quit. They say things like “It just didn’t work for me” or “I gave it my best shot” or “I”m just not cut out for this stuff”. They quit instead of commit to learning what it is they are missing.

I’ve also seen that same person’s downline seem to explode because someone else that was on that same team decided to learn and apply the skills required to succeed! If the person that quit had just been a little more patient and taken the time to learn some new skills, their income would have exploded, too!

Time For Some Truth Talk:

If you are thinking things like, “Well, I’ll give it a try” or “Let’s see what happens” or “I hope this thing works” … you are setting yourself up for failure.

There is plenty of evidence. We have no shortage of stories, testimonials, and documented evidence to indicate that success in network marketing is absolutely possible.

The decision you have to make is whether or not you can commit to doing whatever is necessary to create that sort of success for yourself. That sort of commitment requires a “never quit … no matter what” attitude. Your commitment to yourself and your own success will determine how far you go in this industry.

I’ve seen people with multiple college degrees do well in this industry.

I’ve seen people with no more than an elementary school education level do well in this industry.

I’ve never seen anyone actually fail in this industry. They either succeed or they quit!

Network marketing is the great equalizer. The variable is you. How dedicated are you to your own success? Commit to making it happen.

The results are well worth it!

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