How to Get Your Website to Come Up First in Search Results Using SEO


If you have been trying to rank your website on search engines without results, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. The below tips will not guarantee results, but you will certainly be able to find a way to get your website come up first in search results sooner or later. Obviously, search engine optimization is a long term process, and you will need to build up a complete strategy, especially if you are looking to beat a strong competition. Still, it is possible to rank a site on first page; all you need is an analytical mind, a positive mindset and loads of time.

How to Get Your Website to Come Up First in Search Results Using SEO

1. Check the Current Ranking

Before you are starting to work on your website’s SEO ranking, it is time to check where you are standing for the desired keywords. There are many online tools called “rank checkers” or SEO analysis pages you can use for free that will give you the information you need in order to work on the site. Find out what is your average position for the keywords first of all.

2. Install Google Analytics

In order to find out more about your visitors and organic traffic sources, you need to add Google Analytics code to the site. If you have a WordPress blog, you can install the plugin and it will start communicating with search engines, giving you the statistics you need regarding incoming searches.

3. Check the Site’s Keyword Density

There are plenty of keyword density checkers online you can use to determine how you are standing for the given search phrases. If the density is less than one percent, you need to include the phrases more often in the posts using (but not over-using) emphasis like bold, underlined, italic or subtitle formatting.

4. Review Keywords

Once you have decided which keywords you would like to rank for, find out more about the competition. Simply typing the phrases into the search box you can see how many results there are. Review the sites on the first page to see what their page rank and backlink status is, using free SEO analysis. If they are all authority sites, go for a long tail keyword version.

5. Choose Long Tail Keywords

It is possible to rank for long tail keywords and still make enough money with your site from organic search. If it seems impossible to rank for the main keyword, find some longer phrases containing the original one and target that one. If you pick a few, you will see that your ranking will improve radically.

6. Build Relevant Contextual Backlinks

Once you have changed your website content and targeted the long tail keywords on your site, it is time to build contextual links. This can be done through article marketing, guest posts, forum or blog signatures, but be aware of spamming sites. Only use services that are relevant to your topic and avoid automatic submissions.

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