Traffic creates leads….NOT sales.
COMMUNICATION is what creates sales.

For instance, maybe  you  get a lot of traffic from a CPC broker.  Let’s say you went to their site and ordered 1,000 clicks and had 1,000 people come to your site…..

…If you use the lead capture page that I use, you’ll probably get about 300 leads.

But the number of SALES you make from those 300 leads has nothing to do with the traffic source. 

The traffic source did exactly what you paid them to do: create leads.

The number of SALES you make from those 300 leads depends entirely on what you email your list…how often you email them… you’re engaging your audience, etc.

It can’t  always be  just about the selling of your “Product” have to start building a trusted friendship, as someone who is genuinely interested in being a friend and  helping  those on the list, and becoming  a welcome arrival to the inbox.  Maybe a little humor, a funny story, cool video,  etc..something over and above the plain, boring, “Salesman”

A lot of people make the mistake of saying, “I didn’t make any sales….so I need to find a new traffic source.”

That CAN be true, and quality-of-traffic is a real factor. But if you KNOW  that other people are making sales with that same traffic.….and you’re not….

then the issue isn’t the traffic. The issue is your communication with your list after they opt-in.

Make sense?

written by Tony Rush

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