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I’m Glenn, and Welcome here.
This site is a work in progress, I am just getting started in this Internet “Business”, so bear with me, as I am just learning how to build this as i go…I know nothing yet, but I forge on, knowing that I will eventually figure it all out!

At the moment, I am part of a Painting crew, Painting HUGE $8,000,000 homes in B.C.’s  West Vancouver..(I can’t afford to live there YET,  but they sure are NICE)..

Before that, I was a mechanic, and a cab driver.  I also play Bass guitar in a Texas Blues Band, and own a Placer Gold Claim on B.C.’s  Mighty Fraser River.

Have a look around the site, and If you have any questions, or recommendations as to what you would like to see on the pages, just leave me a message, and I will do my best!

                                        UPDATE       SEPT  4th  2017


Ok. I have been up to my claim, and looked it over quite well, and an Idea came to me.

    There are a few websites I am a member on, that extoll the virtues of  OFF-GRID  LIVING, and I thought I would run this up the old proverbial flagpole, and see who may salute it! 


          Possible Off-Grid Community?


Are there any folks interested in trying to build a small time, Hand placer mining community, willing to do it all with Solar/Wind power?   Believe me..the land gets plenty of both. 

It consists of 152.65 acres, but some of that is the actual Fraser River, so my guess is 100 acres of it would be usable.  [Photo at the  bottom of “My Gold Mine” page]

It would, of course, be pretty primitive for the first season, as things got built and set up, but it could seriously be started with people in tents/campers . 

I would be interested in people who want to set up a community garden, maybe some chickens and a goat or two. and a hive or two of honeybees.   A person with a proper Industrial first aid ticket would be a great asset too.  The claim is 26 kilometers from Lytton, and about 30 kilometers from Lillooet, B.C. on Highway 12, so it IS somewhat remote, but not so remote that one couldn’t go to town whenever they need/want. Depending on your Carrier, there is even  cell service on spots of the place.  

Ultimately, the Mining Department rules here in B.C., state that I cannot just “live” on the claim, but am allowed to “reside there, while actively mining the claim”, so, this is what everyone would also be part of doing, and all that are there, regardless of their work choice…{gardening, woodworking, animals, etc, }  would all be paid with an equal amount of the gold found during the week.  Don’t get me wrong…it isn’t like we would all get rich from this, but as long as the rest of the projects are properly done, we would all have food, a nice quiet off-grid spot to live, and a bit of gold, to either use as currency within the community, or to head to town, cash in, and have cash to use. 


Leave me a msg where I can reach you, and discuss it further.


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