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I’m Glenn,I am a Boomer with no real retirement plans or savings to speak of,and I know more than a few  college grads with huge student loans, who aren’t quite sure how long they will be in debt, even if they find a job/career in their chosen field.  Welcome to MAKING MONEY ONLINE FOR FREE.  I know you have heard it all before. “We will show you how to earn a living on the internet, free training, free to try”….. Yeah, FOR A WEEK, BUT before you even get the chance to try the program out, they are asking for your credit card… OH… nothing will be charged for the free trial week, and if you are not satisfied with what you see, then you can cancel, but if you decide to carry on, the recurring monthly cost of the program will be automatically deducted from your C.C., and will be every month, unless you decide to cancel.
The problem with this, is, sometimes, it can take up to a month for a cancellation request to be finalized, in which case, at least one months’ worth of “FEES” have been charged to your card…..and if you are like me, my credit card is usually pretty close to maxxed out, if not completely so, and at the moment, every dollar I spend has to be monitored very closely.

WELL!  I believe I have finally “CRACKED”  a code, that will enable those of you that are interested in at least trying to get started online without needing ANY money or credit card, to do exactly that….START FOR FREE!


OK…Let’s get started here.
First, there are a few things that you need to do, before we can get started…..
A: If you do not have a paypal account, open one up. It is free, and only takes a few minutes.
This is so you will have a place to recieve your commission payments.
B: Go to your E-mail box, and un-subscribe from all of those so called “Make a ton of cash online” E-mails, that were created from all those ads, where you had no choice but to enter your “BEST E-MAIL ADDRESS”,  only to find out that it was just one of the usual “SYSTEMS” you had seen before.  (You may end up back at some of these sites, to be explained a bit further on,)  but it is better to start with a Clean Slate….Less interruptions help you FOCUS on the task at hand, one at a time.
C: If you don’t have any Social Media accounts, OPEN a few, like twitter, pinterest, whatsapp, etc.
D: Leave me a comment below.
E: Join my facebook group page here

Ok, I am going to stop here for now, don’t want to confuse your mind any more…so, just go ahead and do the 5 things listed above, and let’s  started on How To Earn A Living Online With No Money.

Meanwhile, feel free to post any questions you have below.

Get Ready… I will be having us all earning a living online, and I will NEVER, ASK YOU FOR MONEY OR A CREDIT CARD.  EVER!

Here’s to us, and success!

First recommendation

OK….   Here is a site that you can join for FREE!

Yes, you can actually join this program WITHOUT a credit card!
They will give you TWO FREE WEBSITES, which you can keep forever, they are yours, but you will only get ONE FREE WEEK of access to their chat, so the key here is, BEFORE you sign up, have a pretty clear idea of what your NICHE will be.
This is also why you need to join my Face Book page, this way, we can help you make things work, without having to hurry through the week, trying to decide what to do.
If you already own a business….A Restaraunt, Yoga Studio, Clothing store, etc, or if you have a skill or service to offer, then you know what you are trying to sell already.
If you do not know what to use for a Niche, the people in the chat will help you try to come up with one during the free week.
Another idea is to just use their product as your first niche, and promote that, since, even as a Free Starter, you can still Earn Commissions by selling their system.

PLUS, if you don’t EVER want to upgrade, you can stay an AFFILLIATE FOREVER, FOR FREE!,  you just earn a smaller commission than you would if you were signed up.
This one is actually not too expensive, so, I earned enough as a  free starter  affilliate, to actually sign up, and now am earning more.
Then as you start to understand more, you can develop your own niche(s) .
Again,You will actually be able to stay in the free section as long as you want, but you only have access to the chat for the week, and the free starters only have TWO websites, so having a well thought out, clear plan of action is what you need to do.  It’s called Wealthy Affilliates, and you can find it here

Don’t forget my FB page, for the people who have exceeded the limit of the chat, but still have questions. I WILL answer questions, and help as much as you need!
Good Luck, and Join my FB page

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