I have recieved a few questions on how to add social media to a blog, so this will let you know how I achieved this quite easily.


All I had to do was add the “Shareaholic” widget to my WordPress blog, activate it,  and set it up in their back office as to which buttons (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc) I wanted to add to the site, and viola…I was ready to go. It is very easy to install, verify your account, and set up, and in the office, it can be linked to more than one site.

Give it a try, and good luck.

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Social Media Strategy Discussed

Social Media Strategy Discussed


It cannot be denied that both Facebook and Twitter are forces to be reckoned with. With the numbers of users for these platforms hitting over 1 billion, there is no better way to reach wide audiences. Of course, other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Vine and Google+  should not be ignored, but the principles and methodology for success are much the same. Continue reading

Social Media Strategy Discussed

Twitter and Facebook allow for even very small companies to become well known in the social sphere. but the strategy must be considered and in place; it is not advisable that you just jump right in!   Firstly, you must consider your business aims, who are you trying to reach, what are you trying to say?  Do not fall in to the trap of ‘hard sell’ posts, and definitely do not continuously spam your followers; there is no quicker way for you to be ‘unliked’ and ‘unfollowed’ if you do!

Once you know who you are trying to target, and what you want to say, you can begin your social media journey.  By introducing continuity to your posts, along with a touch of personality and some useful hints and tips, you will find new followers and you will grow your brand.

Consider this.  Hundreds of people every day take to Twitter to ask questions such as, ‘where can I find a new car?’ or ‘does anyone know what time the petrol station closes on the high street?’  These questions are seen by millions, and answered by friends and strangers.  By trawling Twitter to find these sorts of questions relevant to your industry, you can become a helpful industry power; not just another business trying to sell!

Social Media Strategy Discussed

Facebook doesn’t work in quite the same way as this. The networks are closed groups of friends.. and people have to “like”  the pages to see your posts, but a similar strategy can be used.  Make use of the @ and # to piggy back popular themes and topics. All this will force your brand into the Social Sphere, and you pick up likes and followers organically over time.

Do not get caught up in the game of buyer likes and followers, these are effectively made up profiles to boost your numbers and can have negative effects. After all, the main point of social media is engagement and communication; of which false accounts will do neither.

I hope that this article has helped in some way to explain the daunting minefield that is Social Media; remember clear strategy, engagement and communication and you can’t go far wrong. 


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Social Media Optimization Services: Brings Success in Online Business

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Traffic creates leads….NOT sales.
COMMUNICATION is what creates sales.

For instance, maybe  you  get a lot of traffic from a CPC broker.  Let’s say you went to their site and ordered 1,000 clicks and had 1,000 people come to your site….. Continue reading

…If you use the lead capture page that I use, you’ll probably get about 300 leads.

But the number of SALES you make from those 300 leads has nothing to do with the traffic source. 

The traffic source did exactly what you paid them to do: create leads.

The number of SALES you make from those 300 leads depends entirely on what you email your list…how often you email them… you’re engaging your audience, etc.

It can’t  always be  just about the selling of your “Product” have to start building a trusted friendship, as someone who is genuinely interested in being a friend and  helping  those on the list, and becoming  a welcome arrival to the inbox.  Maybe a little humor, a funny story, cool video,  etc..something over and above the plain, boring, “Salesman”

A lot of people make the mistake of saying, “I didn’t make any sales….so I need to find a new traffic source.”

That CAN be true, and quality-of-traffic is a real factor. But if you KNOW  that other people are making sales with that same traffic.….and you’re not….

then the issue isn’t the traffic. The issue is your communication with your list after they opt-in.

Make sense?

written by Tony Rush

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Does Your Local SEO Plan Match Searchers’ Needs?

Local SEO  plans are no different than any marketing campaign, they have to be constantly and consistently monitored for success. There are ongoing tweaks to ensure effectiveness and usability. Every campaign is different and each one will vary depending on industry, location and client specifics. That is why local SEO  plans have to be individual, there is not a one size fits all approach. Continue reading

Does Your Local SEO Plan Match Searchers’ Needs?

Local SEO is a specific search engine optimization marketing strategy that relies on a mix of citations and geographical markers. (For example..targeting say, JUST your neighborhood, city, or State/Province).  Research and testing are imperative to the development of a local SEO strategy that will get your company ranking above competitors. Knowing how your strategy compares to your competitors will help you plan for success, while keeping your finger on the competition. Research into key search terms using tools such as Google Trends’ analytics  will give insight into how your clients and customers are searching, and how you can help them find you.

Does Your  Local SEO  Plan Match Searchers’ Needs?

Google+ has become a great way for local businesses to break into the internet world. Having verified Google+ listings within the specific categories that your company serves can boost web ranking in a simple step. Note, even if a business is listed in Google+, it must be verified  in order to help with search. From here, a company can start building links, reviews and citations based on a verified Google+ listing, a great win for local SEO value.  Google also scores local businesses based on reviews, links and citations. This score is tied to web rankings within their search engine.

Does Your Local SEO Plan Match Searchers’ Needs?

Even with a campaign in place, tracking becomes important to monitor results and make sure that your plan for local SEO is the best for your company, industry and specific location. Metrics such as citations, links, search rankings and site traffic should all be monitored for results, but some other more personal factors may be at work as well. Monitoring online contact with customers can help your business really understand how customers are using the site. These actions could include email-able links, contact forms and coupon codes or downloads. Phone call tracking is also imperative, since many local searches actually culminate in an offline interaction.

Local SEO  varies greatly from a global SEO  strategy because of these offline interactions. Typical SEO  plans are geared around online interactions and must be targeted to compete against overarching keywords that sometimes blur industry lines. Since local SEO  is designed to bring people to a brick-and-mortar store, the interactions can be much more personal and the keywords have to take local verbiage  into consideration. Constant monitoring of your company’s  local SEO  campaign  will make the path clear and confirm that your company is reaching the right audience with your marketing efforts.

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2 Tips To Discover Your Niche

Many people wonder what is the best way to choose a niche market. Today, I am going to share with you,  2 tips to help you discover your niche— what you need to do to find your niche– and how to narrow down the choices. Continue reading

2 Tips To Discover Your Niche

We are going to go into some detail about these 2 tips, from going to  ClickBank  to get an idea of what is popular, and how to narrow down the choices.

Deciding on a niche when you are getting started is so important, because this helps you lay the ground work for the marketing campaign. Having a clearly defined niche will show you what direction you need to go in with your marketing, your article writing, your blogging, and your list building attempts.

If this thought scares you, not to worry!  The great thing about niche marketing, is if you do the leg-work in the beginning,  it will be a lot easier for you, and you can always add niches to your portfolio later on.  The key to success though when starting out is to focus your energy on  building your niche and branding yourself as an expert  in that niche market.

Now, we are going to discuss Tip #1: What you need to do to find your niche market. One of the things that I strongly suggest when you are trying to decide on which niche to select is visit the website   At this website you will have the opportunity to see a listing of popular products,  sorted by either overall popularity,  or by niche popularity. If you have no idea where to get started I would recommend looking at  overall popularity, because this will give you all of the options that are available to you, and what is even better,  it will provide you with tons of products that you can promote once you have decided on a niche.

2 Tips To Discover Your Niche

The second tip we are going to be talking about today, is how to narrow down the choices. There is a website called  On this website there is a listing of all of the books has created.  What is great about this website,  is it shows you some niches that are very popular.  People are buying these books!!!.  The general idea is to use ClickBank to see what your options are,  and use to help you narrow down the choices. For example, if you were considering making your niche how to train your dog because it ranked high on ClickBank,   you went to, and you also found a book on how to train your dog,  you might start to move in the direction of creating a niche on how to train your dog.

The great thing about niche marketing, is that you can choose virtually anything and be successful at it.  A  bonus  tip  for you is, whenever possible, choose your niche based on something you have some experience in.  Let’s use the same example, so you are thinking about creating a niche about how to train your dog, if you don’t have a dog your job might be a little bit harder than if you were a dog lover and have trained a dog in the past.

Of course, in the end the niche you choose will be yours,  so make sure you do your research on the chosen niche,  and use the tips  provided you to get a good start on selecting the right niche for you.

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Affiliate Marketing – A Clear Path to Success

Affiliate marketing is one of the most renowned and one of the most brightest online money-making platforms available online. A lot of seasoned bloggers and website owners have educated themselves with the in’s and out’s of this online money-making method to be able to maximize their opportunities as well as provide themselves with a steady and promising source of income. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing – A Clear Path to Success

Basically, this is a method wherein a content writer, a publisher, an advertiser and a website collaborates and works hand in hand in promoting products and services. Here’s how affiliate marketing works. An affiliate marketing website  (you),  together with advertisers, usually promotes a product. This product is popularly known as the affiliate product.  Every sale of this product creates revenue for the advertisers, and the affiliate website/company as well, (usually in the form of a commission).  So where does the publishers and the content writers fit in this story? Affiliate companies offers incentives and commissions to website owners and publishers every time they generate a sale of the product they are promoting. How can they do so? This is by creating relevant content about the product they are promoting.  Basically…Promote affiliate products that fit within your blog/webpages’  NICHE.

Blog and website owners, work with affiliate websites by posting banner ads and advertisements of the affiliate product in their blog/websites. To attract possible clients and buyers, publishers and content writers promotes these products by writing articles about them.

The beauty of affiliate marketing,  is if you are a seriously budgetary deficient person, the only expense you really have is the website and hosting.  Websites like “Clickbank” can supply one with all the products you need to “Promote”, and signing up for an account is free.

Affiliate Marketing – A Clear Path to Success

Still confused on how this thing works? Here’s a more specific example. Say I have a blog/website with technology as niche. If I would like to make money from affiliate marketing of products, I would look for affiliate companies that offer technology products. These companies welcomes marketers like me and gives commissions based on the sales generated from the advertisements of their products posted in my website or blog. Some affiliate companies would check if your blog or website is qualified to advertise their products. They will check for relevance, credibility, traffic, page ranks, SEO optimization and other online tools and methods that will increase the possibility of generating more audience to your blog as well as to their websites.

Website content writers and publishers are left with the task of optimizing the contents their website has. How can they do this? Creating relevant and informative content comes first. The more relevant their entries are to the product they are promoting, the better. Another common method they use is advertising. They buy ad spaces from other websites that has the same niche as theirs to increase the visibility of their website as well as the products they promote. Back links are also a very strategic and effective way in maximizing the potentials of making a website more visible. Content writers and publishers can hire or create articles themselves, post these to different blogs and websites and have a hyperlink attached to it that will direct them to their main websites. The methods as well as the possibilities of making money through affiliate marketing are limitless. Content writers and publishers just need to discover methods and tools that will effectively work for them and their websites.

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The No. 1 Deadly Mistake B2B Marketers Make

B2C marketing targets individuals; B2B targets companies… Right?

 Wrong! The deadliest, most costly mistake we see marketers making is trying to talk to an entire company, not one specific individual. When you forget that a single person is reading your message, you lose a prospect!

B2B emails must have emotional impact to be effective. Sure, you need to provide accurate, timely, and valuable information. But when you inject a little fun and creativity into communications, you make a personal connection with the individual at the other end of your articles, blogs, and emails. A little personality makes people enjoy reading your materials and look forward to their arrival in the inbox.

Use these easy ways to make B2B communications more personal: Continue reading

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Achieve Financial Freedom and Make Money Through Multiple Streams of Income

This article is written to offer everyone ways and means to make money to achieve financial freedom through multiple streams of income. This is NOT about getting tips and advice on how to be an instant millionaire overnight, or make easy and fast money, but this will specifically pertain to proven and tested ways to earn lifetime multiple streams of income and become less reliant on your job. Continue reading


Achieve Financial Freedom and Make Money Through Multiple Streams of Income

Existing Ways to Make Money

As an overview of this discussion, these are the different types and sources of income currently available today that allows everyone to make money and generate income for a living.


* Primary – This is the common source of income provided by your employer by means of giving you a salary or wage and benefits to compensate your work for your employer. Here you only make money when you work for your employer.

* Alternative – This is the income you generate from means or sources other than a regular office work or job. Many people make money simply by blogging, income through investment, selling on eBay, online business, etc.


* Earned or ActiveYou work for money. You stop earning money as you stop spending time doing the work which is the source of your income.
* Residual or PassiveMoney works for you! Unlike the earned or active income, income-generation does not stop even when you stop working.

Achieve Financial Freedom and Make Money Through Multiple Streams of Income

Given the two types of income, it will be wise to broaden your income by having multiple streams of income and intentionally shift toward more residual or passive income generation.
What Makes Passive and Residual Income a MUST to Everyone?
Having multiple streams of income is necessary to achieve financial freedom. This greatly increases your overall income hastening up accumulation of financial wealth. This will enable you to be less reliant on your primary source of income, which is your current job, and eventually replace your primary source of income to achieve financial freedom.

Hence, building multiple streams of income is a must to everyone today, and this becomes even more obvious because of the following reasons:

* If in case you lose your job, your income does not “disappear” but is only “lessened” as you still make money and generate income through your passive multiple streams of income.

* As you ascend the corporate ladder, the more difficult it becomes to look for an equivalent job that gives you the same compensation in the event that you lose your job.

* Multiple streams of income accelerate your goal to achieve financial freedom. After all, the gauge that you have already achieved financial freedom is when you are no longer dependent on your job to sustain your living expenses.

* Multiple streams of income provide you leverage and better flexibility. You are in a far better position when you know you are not dependent on your  “JOB” to survive.

With a few exceptions, the idea of maintaining a fixed-paying regular job is dead; it is very risky to depend on a single source of income, since many companies do not dillydally in reducing  manpower for cost-cutting measures. I believe it is a must that everyone reduces their income risk by having multiple streams of income.

It took you a great amount of money, effort, and time landing  your current job right now. Most companies require a college diploma and some necessitate further training and education. Four years of studies in college costs a lot of your money, effort, and time! Spending 15 minutes a week to have multiple streams of income that give you at least $1,000.00 a month wouldn’t be too bad!

When you’ve set up a stream of income (a residual and passive one), you may venture into another one, and the one you’ve already set up still continuous to make money and generate you income, hence the passive principle. To cite an example, if you have a stream of income that gives you at least $10,000 a month, you will continue to make money of the same amount at the minimum, as income generation increases even if you do nothing about it, hence the passive principle. In contrast, when you cease to report for work in your office job, you cease make money, as you cease to receive your regular pay.

Important Values to Make it Big in Multiple Streams of Income Business  and            Achieve Financial Freedom and Make Money Through Multiple Streams of Income

As we’ve earlier stated, we don’t believe in get-rich-instantly schemes and be warned of several bogus that promise such deceptive schemes. We propose that one must keep in mind these important values if you really want to make money to achieve financial freedom by having multiple streams of income:

1. Love – Pursue what you really love doing and are passionate about.
2. Skill – Devote yourself into enhancing your skills and become an expert.
3. Perseverance – Never expect quick results. Be patient and persevere until you’ve achieved a degree of success and persevere to succeed even more.
4. Flexibility – Some things will need more of your efforts than others before you are able to get the desired results.
5. Determination – Other ideas might work but there are those who do not, just keep on trying and don’t be disheartened. Be determined until you’ve unlocked the right marketing tool that works for you.
6. Expand – Don’t be contented with your initial success; pursue other income opportunities to make money and spread your income-generation capacity.
7. Incremental – Incremental income from multiple sources sums up to a decent amount of overall income.

Be a Part-Time Businessman

As we have earlier pointed out, it is too risky to solely depend on your current job as your only source of income. Hence, a wise alternative is to become a part-time businessman. Being a part-time businessman will allow you to keep your regular job plus benefits while giving you great opportunities to expand and explore other alternative ways to have multiple streams of income. As a part-time businessman, you work at your own pace to build your multiple streams of income and make money to achieve financial freedom.

Achieve Financial Freedom and Make Money Through Multiple Streams of Income

Getting Started

Here are some few but important steps to get you started having multiple streams of income:

1. Begin with the things that you love doing.  The rationale is for you to stop doing what you actually detest and dislike doing. You’ll be devoting time pursuing your business so you should do only what you are passionate about.

2. Have a concrete business plan.  Research and design a good business plan. You would definitely want to venture only into a business that is viable and will truly enable you to achieve financial freedom.

3. Apply and accomplish.  Great dreams never turn into realities unless your business plans are executed and implemented. This entails great courage and determination to achieve the result you’ve always wanted to have.

4. Continuously learn to improve.  Not all people succeed on their first business venture. Learn from your past mistakes and let the collective experience achieve ensuing success.

Where Do You Use the Extra Income?

There are various opportunities that become possible for you to do once extra money starts flowing in as you continue to pursue to make money to achieve financial freedom. Here are some of them:

1. Settle debts.
2. Save for emergency funds.
3. Invest in other types of business.
4. Invest in other multiple streams of income opportunities to further expand your income base.
5. Research and design your own income stream.
6. Spend it and enjoy life.
7. Donate to charities and help other worthwhile organizations of noble cause through your financial support.

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How to Establish an Online Reputation From Nothing

Looking good in the public eye is an important goal for any business. Establishing a positive reputation is even more important for brands that do business on the Internet. Not only do customers depend upon a name and presence that may only be known and seen on the internet to conduct online transactions, but those same customers have the power to spread opinions – both good and bad – which is actually a very valuable tool. This is why every online business needs to carefully consider how to build the best internet reputation and maintain it, in order to generate a favorable opinion from all customers. Continue reading


How to Establish an Online Reputation From Nothing


Before anyone even knows anything about a company and what that company does, it is important to be visible.  It is imperative to create a positive online presence through the establishment of a great website, a blog that is regularly updated, and the maintenance of active social media profiles.  An effort must be done to interact with existing customers and put the company’s best foot forward so that there is reason for positive experiences to be shared.  Be reachable by those with questions or concerns and treat every individual with interest and respect. Staying visible and having happy customers increases the likelihood that more internet visitors will be attracted because the company’s name is becoming associated with pleased customers.


Being believable is one of the most important ways for a brand to maintain a good public opinion and earn the trust of existing and new customers. A business that is an authority in a particular service or product which is proven by how the business is operated and conducted is going to gain credibility. Achievement of such a goal can be done through the regular publishing of quality, relevant information and by providing products and services that fulfill all that has been promised!   By being knowledgeable about a service or project, a company will gain the trust of customers, trust that will quickly work to build up a positive online reputation. Working to maintain that position of credibility is essential, since a lack of credibility or relevance will simply send website visitors looking for a business that can better serve desired needs.


Reputation is perhaps predominantly influenced by honesty,  which is only common sense. If customers do not feel as if a business is being honest in how business is conducted or how problems are dealt with, those customers are going to look elsewhere for that product or service. Fair business policies must be practiced so that there is little to question about a company’s motives.  Questions and concerns should be addressed before becoming huge issues that can be very damaging to a company’s reputation. Mistakes should be avoided and prevented, if possible; any mistakes that do happen should be corrected as soon as possible. When it becomes general knowledge that a company can be trusted to do the right thing – even if it means losing some money – a positive reputation will be gained and customer loyalty because of it. One of the biggest concerns about any company is whether it is only “in it for the money.” Proving otherwise by being honest and offering great customer service is a boost for reputation.

How to Establish an Online Reputation From Nothing!?!

Having a positive online reputation is something that can make or break a business. The good news is that by paying careful attention to these three points – visibility, credibility, and honesty – it is possible for brand new businesses to begin operations the right way as well as for existing companies to maintain a positive light. Online reputation should never be taken for granted, and businesses should look at every good review and referral as the motivation to keep that online reputation as spotless as possible!

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